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Saeed Abbasi, School of Civil Engineerin

 Seyed M. Zahrai, Saeed Abbasi
Investigation of Usability of Tuned Liquid Dampers (TLD) in High Frequency Structures

 Simulations conducted on single degree of freedom structures (SDOFs) connected rigidly to a tuned liquid damper (TLD) under various excitations show that TLD can reduce structural response to these excitations considerably if properly designed. TLD is a rectangular (or circular) rigid tank partly filled with water where its sloshing frequency is tuned to natural frequency of structure. As increasing the base excitation level, TLD is more efficient, which is because of more energy dissipation via sloshing and wave breaking. Comparing with TMD, the TLD has some limitations. In this paper the limitation of dimensions of TLD tanks is investigated and it is shown that because of difficulties in providing desired mass ratio, utilizing this device in structures with main natural frequencies more than 1.5 Hz is extremely limited. Also it is concluded that utilizing this device for structures with natural frequencies near to 1.0 Hz is suitable and justifiable.



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