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  Sadollah Nasiri Gheydari








A)In Journals


1.     Slow Mode Oscillations and Damping of Hot SolarCoronal Loop, Solar Physics, (with A. Abedini and H. Safari) (published online, 19 july, 2012)

2.     Application of  irradiance transport equation  in aspheric surface testing, Optik, 2012, (with R. Shomali and A. Darudi) ( in press)A.

3.     Measurement of the atmospheric primary aberrations by a 4-aperture differential image motion monitor, J. Opt., 13, 2011, ( with R. Shomali and A. Darudi).

4.     Nonclassicality indicator for the real phase space distribution functions, Phys. Rev.   

A, 82, 012102-8, 2010, (with P. Sadeghi and S. Khademi).

5.     Oscillations of coronal loops using Rayleigh-Ritz technique, New Astronomy, 15, 5, pp. 403- 408, 2010, (with H. Safari and N. Fatalian).

6.     Investigating the semi-regular variations of the bright M5 supergiant: alpha Hercules,

Astrophysics and Space Science, AP&SS, 328, 1-2, pp113-117, 2010, (with E. Moraveji, E. F. Guinan, R. Wasatonic, Y. Sobouti).

7.     Orbital period changes and photometric study contact binary system AK Her, New

Astronomy, 2009.   (A. Samadi, D. M. Z. Jassur, Gozaliasl, M. H. Kermani and A. Zareie).

8.     The effect of density stratification on the resonant absorption of MHD waves in coronal loops. Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 394, 1973–1977, 2009, (with K. Karami and S. Amiri).  

9.     Reality of the Wigner functions and quantization, Journal of Research Letters in Phys., 2009, (with S. Bahrami).

10.  Exact Solutionsfor standing Kink modes of the longitudinally stratified coronal loops, Physics Research Journal, 9, 3, 12, 2008, (with N. Dadashi and H. Safari).

11.  Generalized gauge transformations in phase space picture of quantum mechanics:

The Kirkwood representation, Journal of Physics, 128, 2008. (with S. Khademi).

12.  Symmetry transformation in extended phase space: The harmonic oscillator in the Husimi Representation, SIGMA, 2008, (with S. Bahrami)

13.  Fast kink modes of longitudinally stratified coronal loops, A&A, 470, 1111, 2007, (with H. Safari and Y.  Sobouti).

14.  Operator Guage symmetry in QED, SIGMA, 2006. (with S.Khademi) 

15.  Quantum potential and symmetries in extended phase space, SIGMA, 2, 67,  2006.

16.  Normal modes of Earth-like planets in presence of magnetic fields, Physics Research              Journal, 5, 4, 127, 2006, (with Y. Abedini).

17.   Resonant absorption in dissipative flux tubes, Astron. Astrophys.448, 375-378, 2006, (with H. Safary, K. Karami and Y. Sobouti).

18.  Quantum mechanics in phase space- Direct, J. Math, Phys, 47,92106-15, 2006, (with F. Taati and Y. Sobouti)

19.  Quantization of continues media in Extended phase space, Isfahan Univ. Research              Journal, 3, 28, 2005, ( with M. T. Fallahi and H. Pahlavani)

20.  Resonance absorption of Alfven waves in  ux tubes, Physics Research Journal, 5, 3, 123, 2005, (with L. Usefi).

21.  Designing and making a DIMM, Physics Research Journal, 5, 3, 121, 2005, (with A. Darudi).

22.  Distribution functions on the light of uncertainty principle, Jr. Sci. Tech., 29, A2, 259, 2005.

23.  Wind rose study of the Site selection of Iranian National Observatory, Physics Research Journal, 3, 4, 309-315, 2003 (with A. Abedini).

24.  Quantization of DHO in Extended phase space, Isfahan Univ. Research Journal, 1,2,2003, (with M. T. Fallahi)

25.  Normal modes of magnetic flux tube and dissipation, Astron. Astrophys., 396, 993-1002, 2002 (with Y. Sobouti and K. Karami).

26.  canonical quantization in phase space, Tr. J. Phys. 18, 1995. (with Y. Sobouti).

27.  Path integral approach to quantum state functions, Jr. Sci. Tech., 4, 3, 1995

28.  A Phase space formulation of quantum state functions, Int. J. Mod. Phys. B, 7,18, 1993, (with Y. Sobouti).

29.  The effect of a tapered magnetic field on the modal structure in a  ux tube, Astron. and Astrophys., 261, 615, 1992.

30.  Global modes of oscillation of a magnetized stars, Astron. Astrophys., 217, 127-136, 1989, (with Y. Sobouti).

31.  Oscillations and wave propagation in a magnetic  flux tube, J. phys., Iranian Phys. Soc., 7, 43-50,1989

32.  Minimum timing of Rz-Cas., Inf. Bul. of Var. Stars, No. 2784, 1985, (with N. Riaz and M. R. Ahmadii)




        B) In proceedings




1.    Measurement of the atmospheric primary aberrations by 4-apertures Hartmann, Comprehensive   characterization of astronomical sites, Kislovodsk, Russia, 2010, (with R. Shomali and A. Darudi).

2.    Aspheric surface testing by irradiance transport equation, SPIE, 2010, (with R. Shomali, A. 

 Darudi and A. A, Bonab).

3.    Application of the Rayleigh-Ritz variational technique for coronal loops oscillations,             Highlights of Astronomy, 15, 367, XXVIIth IAU General Assembly, 2009, (with N. Fatalian   and S. Safari).

4.    Generalized gauge transformations in phase space picture of quantum mechanics: The Kirkwood representation, Journal of Physics, Conf. Series, 128, 2008, (with S. Khademi).

5.    Sky brightness measurements for Iranian National Observatory site selection, 13th Research Astro. Mtg., IASBS, 2008, (with D. Afshar).

6.    Photometry and Magnitude- Colour diagram for the M13 globular cluster, 13th Research Astro. Mtg., IASBS, 2008, (with A. Molaenejad).

7.    Non-classical states in extended phase space, Sym., Int., Geom., Appl.,Kiev, Ukrine, 2007, (with Sadeghi, Nasiri,  Khademi and Bahrami).

8.    The effect of symmetry transformations on the quantum potential, Sym., Int., Geom., Appl.,Kiev, Ukrine, 2007, (with S. Bahrami).

9.    Quantum Signature of Schrödinger Cat in Wigner, Husimi and Kirkwood Representations, PSI mtg., 2007, (with P. Sadeghi; S. Khademi).

10. Application of Extended operators in phase space quantum mechanics, PSI mtg., 2007,

(with S. Khademi , G. Naeimi1).

11. Symmetry transformations in extended phase space and the Hamilton Jacobi equation, QTS5, Spain. 2007, (with S. Bahrami).

12. Quantum mechanical correction for thermodynamical equilibrium in the phase space, PSI. mtg., 2007, (with R. Gholami).

13. Measurement of light pollution for observatory sites, solar and stellar physics through eclipses,  ASP Conf. Series, 370,284-288, 2007, (with S. Hosseini).

14. Damping of MHD waves as heating mechanism of Solar corona, ASP conf. Series, 370, 6, 2006, (with H. Safary and Y. Sobouti).

15. Coronal heating by resonance absorption of MHD waves, IAU mtg, Pruge, 2006, (with H. safary and Y. Sobouti).

16. Measurement of Light Pollution of Iranian National Observatoyr, IAU mtg, Pruge, 2006, (with S. Hosseini).

17. Astronomy in Iran, IAU mtg, Pruge, 2006, (with Y. Sobouti).

18. Oscillations and Stability of Solar Coronal Loops, IAU mtg, Pruge, 2006, (with H. Ebrahimi).

19. Damping of MHD waves as heating mechanism of Solar corona, ASP conf. Series, 370, 6, 2006, (with H. Safary and Y. Sobouti).

20. Study of dissipative system of  charged particles by Wigner’s functions, QST4,  (ed. V. K. Dobrev, Heron press Sofia), Vol. 2, 815-820, 2006. (with S. Fathi, S. Khademi and F. Taati).

21. Generalized distribution functions in extended phase space, QST4, (ed. V. K. Dobrev, Heron press Sofia), Vol. 2, 821-826, 2006 (with S. Bahrami, S. Khademi and F. Taati).

22. The early phase of site selection of INO, International workshop on National telescope of INO, IASBS, 2004.

23. Modal structure of Earth-like magnetized planets, (Planetary Systems in the Uni- verse, Formation and Evolution, Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 202, 220-222, 2004.

24. Flux tube oscillations and coronal heating, IAU 8th Asian Pasific meeting, ASP conf. Series, 289, 2003  (with K. Karami and Y. Sobouti).

25. A symmetric treatment of damped harmonic oscillator in extended phase space, proc. of Math. NAS of Ukrine, Vol. 43, part 2, 645-651, 2001.

26. Astronomy status in Iran, GORSE mtg., Syria, 2000.

27. Distribution and Evolution of Quasars, Proc. of 23th IAU Gen. Assembly, Kyoto, Japan 1998.

28. A phase space quantization resulting from symetric treatmentof q- and p- repre- sentation, Pro c. of VII Int. Conf., Vol. 2, 529, Dubna, 1996. (with Y. Sobouti).

29. Variational technique and the extended phase space, Proc. of Joint seminar on App. Math., Zanjan and Baku sate Univ., 1995.

30. Hussimi’s distribution functions and uncertainty principle, presented in Conf. on ICSSUR, Shanzi Univ., China, 1995, (with N. Nafari).

31. Normal modes of oscillation of fluids in the presence of the magnetic fields, Vistas in Astronomy proceedings, IAU mtg., 31, pp. 425-420, 1988, (with Y. Sobouti).

C) Books



1.    A book on: designing and making the optical and radio telescopes, 2005.(editor: S.


2.    A book on: Solved Problems of entrance exam for MSc students in Phys., Zangan Univ. Pub., 1998. (editors: S. Nasiri and J. Zanjani)

3.    A book on: Solved Problems in oscillations, Zangan Univ. Pub., 2003 (translated with M


4.    A book on: A survey in astronomy and astrophysics, 2012, (in press), (editor: S.




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K) Supervising of Msc Thesis 

 L) Supervising of PhD Thesis






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