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Saeed Abbasi, School of Civil Engineerin

 Yousef Hasanzade, Saeed Abbasi
 Compuer Analysis of Water Hamer Phenomenon in Hydroelectric Power Plant Equipment

 The water hammer phenomenon in hydroelectric power plant's penstock is one of the famous troubles which have been an interest for researchers. Hence this phenomenon can cause many harmful effects on pipe lines and turbine, it is essential that effects of these surges along with pipe line and turbine have been studied and suitable methods for controlling presented. In this way one of the most effective and appropriate methods for surges control, is the use of surge tanks. In this paper as demonstrating the phenomenon and illustrating the governing equations, a computer program developed by 'Visual Basic' programming language for analyzing the water hammer phenomenon has been presented, which is able to calculate pressure and velocity gradients along with a pipe line ended by a valve and equipped with a surge tank, and also sketch the results as diagrams or present as tables.



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